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Aristada Role: VP ACD

We didn’t just want to help people living with schizophrenia and their caregivers. We wanted to celebrate them as well. In every element of the “Dear Future Self” campaign, we put the patient front and center. It’s best exemplified by our defining campaign image, the wall mural—a place where patients are both celebrated and elevated. The patient featured in the mural looks out on the world with an air of confidence and hope for the future. They are taking a carefully considered chance on something new, instead of doing the same thing they’ve done before. The patient is often shown with their caregiver in an empathetic pose that reinforces the vital importance of receiving support from family and friends.The use of a graffiti-style font further adds to this optimistic energy and emphasizes the informal authenticity we use to depict everyday people. In short, it is a positive depiction of patients just living their lives with a long-acting treatment.


Role: Creative Director / UX+UI

Pfizer hired BBDO Health Works to market Vyndamax (tafamidis meglumine) to heart patients suffering from a rare and deadly form of amyloidosis called ATTR-CM. Because very few people knew about the disease, we had to create a site that would educate people about the complex mechanism behind it - And the role Vyndamax could play in curtailing their symptoms and prolonging their lives. We also designed a global brochure which serves as a template for more than 20 markets. Site built by Pfizer in-house development team.

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3 / 5



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